Keller, is the largest, oldest and most established specialist geotechnical contractor in Sub-Saharan Africa, offering a comprehensive range of geotechnical and marine engineering techniques.

Most of our clients contract with us on small jobs, and delivering these on time, to high quality, every time is what builds our reputation and makes us the contractor of choice locally.  As one of the globally connected companies of Keller, we also have the financial strength, know-how, capacity and the global reach to tackle larger and more demanding projects.

Building on the Franki legacy

Up until 1 January 2021, we were known as Franki. But we have now joined together with Keller’s geotechnical construction business in the Middle East to form one integrated business unit called Middle East Africa, branded as Keller.

We have a very proud history of success in both Africa and the Middle East. By combining our capabilities whilst improving efficiency we will strengthen our position and build the best platform for further growth and success.

About Keller Group

Keller Africa is one of the connected companies of Keller. With offices in more than 40 countries across six continents, Keller is the largest geotechnical contractor in the world.