Rotapiles uses down-the-hole (DTH) air driven hammer to advance casing during drilling, specifically for penetration through boulder profiles or hard rock socketing.

Installing rota piles

Common uses

As foundation elements for variety of structures which require penetration through boulder profiles or hard rock socketing
Effective piling solution for river bridges and structures where alluvial/colluvial boulder profiles are present
Effective piling solution in dolomitic or karst topography
For piles which require large rakes or horizontal load capacities (when incorporating permanent casing)


Down the hole (DTH) hammers are used to advance casing and penetrate the overburden soil. Once rock is reached the socket can be drilled uncased. The pile hole is flushed clean before full length cage is placed and the pile is grouted from the base with a tremie pipe. The casing can be removed after grouting or left in place and incorporated into the pile design. Pile diameter up to 600mm is typically available with capacities up to 3500kN.


Penetration through boulder profiles
Hard rock socketing
High lateral/bending capacities (when incorporating permanent casing)
High vertical load capacities

Quality assurance

We use a variety of quality assurance methods for our products including top down and integrity testing and recording and logging of the execution parameters.