Foundation solution for the 45TPD Chlorine Alkali Plant structures in Tanzania.

installation of franki dcis piles at alkali plant station in tanzania

The project

The proposed 45 MTPD Chlorine Skid Mounted Chlor-Alkali Plant is to cater for the increased demand of the product in the water utilities and other growing industries in Tanzania and in East African Region as well as to Island of the Indian Ocean.

The plant will increase availability of liquid chlorine to service the water utility and infrastructure and industries in the East Africa as well as Indian Ocean Islands.  This will help local and neighboring country utility companies in meeting their Post 2015 Sustainable Development Agenda in supplying safe and clean water to communities.

Design optimization to cater for the fill and cut levels onsite.

The challenge

The main challenge was varying ground levels, due to the cut and fill operations required for the plant foundations.

The solution

The foundation solution for the 45TPD Chlorine Alkali Plant structures, included the installation of 517 no. Franki driven cast in-situ piles, with diameters of 410mm and 520mm, to depths of 10m to 14m.

The piles were designed for 800kN and 1400kN working loads in compression respectively, as per the Malaysian engineers from Perunding Amori (Puchong), plant foundation requirements and onsite conditions.

Static load testing was done to optimize designs by carrying out various compression load tests on working and non-working piles. This optimization resulted in an earlier completion date of three 3 weeks for the piling works program. 

Project facts



Keller business unit(s)

Keller Tanzania

Main contractor(s)

Serba Dinamik


Perunding Amori