Ground improvement using vibro stone columns for Northfields Business Park warehouses.

installing vibro stone columns - predrilling through the engineer fill
Predrilling through the engineers fill

The project

This area is a reclaimed dump site. Bulk earthworks were used in cut to fill operation to provide prospective clients with large platforms to construct their warehouses on. The area is ideally positioned to feed the attractive Durban North area.

The challenge

The fill operations consisted of backfill up to 30m depth with potential settlements of 500mm. The cut exposed in-situ soft rock areas with zero expected settlement, thus the worst possible soil properties for a single warehouse to be constructed on. 

The solution

We offered an alternative soil improvement solution instead of a piling solution, thus making the project economically viable.

Our solution consisted of Vibro Stone Columns in grids to varied depths, depending on the depths of the fill on the specific platform as required for each individual warehouse. We designed and installed a customized soil treatment solution for each warehouse. A total of 5 632 vibro stone columns were installed. 

Project facts


JT Ross

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Keller Geotechnics SA (Pty) Ltd.

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