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installing DCIS franki piles and auger piles at river club precinct

The project

River Club Precinct 2 Phase 1 was negotiated with Capex Project Managers and the developer Zenprop, after Keller Geotechnics SA (Pty) Ltd met a stringent pre-qualifying capability assessment sent to possible piling contractors.

Keller Geotechnics prequalified to deliver the project within an extremely short programme duration of 55 days. A key factor for the award to Keller Geotechnics was the diversified and comprehensive range of piling equipment and support structures, readily available to complete the project and still have standby capacity should it be required.

The challenge

Numerous challenges were faced, not least of all the 55 day programme which required 6 no. piling rigs, handing over completed piles daily to the main contractor. 

Stringent environmental requirements, including the need to create frog retaining barrier, protecting a rare cape frog.

The adjacent observatory, has some highly sensitive equipment and pre-piling vibration testing was carried out to ensure no vibration effect on the observatory.

The solution

Over 6 no. piling rigs were employed on the site, together with batching crews, testing crews and survey crews. The varied range of large diameter temporary cased augers included 1050mm, 1200mm, 1350mm and 1500mm diameters together with the varying Franki Driven Cast Insitu Piles of 520mm and 610mm, made for a busy site.

The piling consisted of 120 no. large diameter temporary cased auger piles together with approximately 1 100 no. DCIS Franki piles. All 1220 no. piles were installed within the time frame.

Project facts


Liesbeek Leisure Properties Trust

Keller business unit(s)

Keller Geotechnics SA (Pty) Ltd. - Cape Town Branch

Main contractor(s)

WBHO Building Cape