The Metrowind Van Stadens Wind Farm is a world-class 27MW wind energy facility.

Ground improvement using dynamic compaction at the 27mw metro van staden wind farm

The project

A ground improvement solution was required for 9 no. wind turbine bases founded along the South Coast of South Africa.  

The challenge

The challenges faced on site, consisted of logistics as the site was located in a rural setting, the access was restricted to the reduced platforms which were below natural ground level and required a specific sequence. 

G7 class material was required for filling the crater holes as some excavated material was not suitable.  The pounder shape impacted on production and had to be refined.

The solution

Dynamic compaction was the preferred technique. The design was provided by the client and required a 7 stage process to be followed. Once the ironing was complete, quality checks in the form of 3 no. plate load tests per base, together with CSW testing, were completed, all passing the requirements.

Project facts


Basil Read Matomo

Keller business unit(s)

Keller South Africa

Main contractor(s)

Newport Construction (Pty) Ltd.